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C L E A R Lighthouse

Holistic Mental Health

Community Center

Everyone deserves a non-clinical environment where they feel safe to be heard, understood, supported, loved and empowered while living through life's struggles, emotional pain, trauma and/or suicidal thoughts.

Many youth and families are struggling alone and we are here to help!

It's time to END the taboo surrounding Mental Health and be proud that you are making it a priority in your life. It's just as important as physical and spiritual health.

C - connection L - love E - empowerment A - acceptance R - resilience

EPIDEMIC of Depression and Loneliness

Let's spread an epidemic of CONNECTION!

“Connection and a feeling of social belonging is I think the most important initial step in preventing suicide for young people.”

Dr. David Kahn/vice chair for clinical affairs at

New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center 



There are a number of factors that put people at higher or lower risk for suicide, many of which are related to the concept of connectedness. Connectedness is the degree to which an individual or group is socially close, interrelated, or shares resources with other individuals or groups.

Connectedness occurs within and between multiple levels of the social ecology, that is between individuals, families, schools and other organizations, neighborhoods, cultural groups,

and society as a whole.

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 9/2011



Our current

Mental Health System

We are painfully aware of the NEED of more mental health services in our community and the U.S. We also know that a variety of different services need to be offered as well because 1) history has shown what is currently offered is not effective enough and 2) we each have different situations and needs.


Counseling, crisis services, medication, and inpatient treatment is simply....not enough. High costs, waiting to be seen, stigma, insurance issues, etc. We need these offerings, but the system needs an overhaul. 

Feeding our mind/body/spirit is the direction we are going because it WORKS! We are human and we need to be feeding our bodies good things in all areas to live our best lives. Not a quick fix to mask the problem or relying on one person to help us when we don't have a strong support system. The last thing we need is to be judged for being depressed, anxious, having a trauma history, or having suicidal thoughts. The stigma/discrimination has got to STOP! Suicide does not discriminate! It can happen to anyone.


Each of these areas greatly affect how we function, therefore they each need to be given love and attention.

Mental Health

Physical Health

Spiritual Health



It is time for another approach to mental health.
Making time for one another to authentically CONNECT, LEARN coping skills for life, COMMUNICATE with empathy and listening, and making time for PLAY are essential. We all crave to be accepted and have a sense of belonging.

Cheryl Mlcoch, LPC, Founder & Executive Director

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