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a US 501(c)(3) public charity, EIN 83-4378288
Established in April 2019 
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Know Us

We are here to empower, educate, and support YOUTH, impacted families and our community about mental wellness using experiential holistic approaches and


mental health education.

Our Mission

We are here to MAKE AN IMPACT in regards to normalizing mental health/wellness and decreasing the loneliness & suicide epidemic!!

Offering those with mental health struggles the same concern and compassion we show to those with physical conditions is long overdue. We all struggle with mental health issues to some degree and we are not out there hurting people in a violent way. Looking for acceptance and guidance is something we all deserve and need to have access to in our communities. There are 'hubs' for physical health that include different types of workout gyms just as there are different religious organizations for our spiritual health. Why doesn’t this exist for our mental health? In fact, mental/physical/spiritual wellness are all connected, so it’s time to bring them together in one gym/hub to strengthen the whole person!


CLEAR Lighthouse is a Nonprofit Holistic Mental Health Community Center (membership-based) for youth ages 13-24 and impacted families who desire to strengthen their mental health/wellness through a body/mind/spirit approach. We empower each individual and family member in a non-clinical setting through experiential activities and mental health education that helps build skills in: body awareness, connection to self/earth/others, creativity, resiliency, communication, relationships, leadership, and coping with life! All of our activities center around our CLEAR values of:






Our society has become so disconnected and 'too busy' to make time to listen to someone who might be struggling through life. They don't always expect you to 'fix it', but they hope you will just listen and try to understand their perspective. Youth need a place to go where they feel they belong, their voice and opinions matter, learn coping and leadership skills, and build resilience while navigating this life.

Youth, parents and the community will also benefit from having local mental health support systems, community activities and evidence-based mental health trainings to help decrease the mental health stigma, become more educated in how to help themselves and others with mental health struggles and work towards strengthening themselves and their families. 


Our adult and youth leaders will work together to create and sustain our innovative programs! Some of these will include:

- storytelling

- youth leadership 

- art & music exploration

- yoga & meditation / exercise

- nutrition

- animal-assisted activities

- group empowerment activities

- gardening and earthing

- spirituality


Having youth leaders help with our program development reassures them that their input matters! This will help create a sense of belonging and empowerment that can be long-lasting. They will see how their input can make a difference in their community and beyond! We hope they will return as youth mentors and leaders for us or other organizations they are passionate about. Creating healthy relationships and a sense of belonging is vital to saving lives and making mental health less of a taboo subject.


Finding holistic ways to feed our body/mind/spirit is truly the foundation for our overall health, so we will talk about it, DO IT and chart the results! Our mental health system deserves more options rather than taking a pill and waiting in line to be seen for an hour. It's time for a CULTURE CHANGE in the way we view emotional health and how we take care of our bodies. Human connection saves lives!


It is time to give and receive love again in our communities and help one another. We are collaborating with a variety of talented individuals and organizations that want to HELP BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION.


We are a "Holistic Hub" / Mental Wellness Gym 

for emotional/physical/spiritual health in Northern CO!

TOGETHER we can do our part to eradicate the suicide epidemic and

promote new mental health solutions!


Adults & youth exploring effective solutions together!

Sharing our lived experience stories and finding hope in the journey!

Youth will help create our programs!

Offering holistic and mental health education!

Wellness approach to feed the body/mind/spirit!

Meet The Team

Tracy Heinz, PsyD

Board Member 

Cheryl Mlcoch, LPC

Founder and Executive Director

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Tomi Hanson / Attorney

Board Member 

Nora Dechant

Board Member

Shayla Johnson

Board Member 

Michael Johnson

Board Member 

Mike Ensley, LPCC

Board Member 

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