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Established in April 2019 
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Experiential Activities

Being in a clinical setting can sometimes hinder a person to utilize all of their skill sets and not allow their strengths to shine. Because we believe in a holistic-minded approach to treatment that addresses the WHOLE being, this allows for each person to cultivate an authentic relationship with themselves. This must happen in order to add on trust and love with others and to help each person show their true colors.


Trauma survivors and those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts often come from many negative experiences, so experiential activities can allow for healing in safe way and at a pace they can handle. Learning to be grounded while being mindful builds a foundation that can be stronger than anything else they have ever known. It can also be truly transformational when a youth begins to learn not only how to avoid certain negative triggers and/or behaviors they’ve become accustomed to, but also discover what makes them happy and motivates them. Holistic experiential activities can help cultivate each of these!

Another benefit is it can allow our mental and physical abilities to be used in several ways. Each time we’re presented with a problem and we use our mental and physical abilities to overcome it, we learn SELF-RELIANCE. In addition, we move from a state of helplessness to a sense of EMPOWERMENT. These activities also provide multiple opportunities for youth to find and implement SOLUTIONS, individually and as a group. Therefore, this process builds their SELF-ESTEEM and CONNECTION with others. Most of all, it can create a sense of BELONGING which is greatly needed in our culture today!

Some of the other benefits include:

- encourages youth to open up and engage

- youth learn more about themselves

- provides an enjoyable, educational experience

- helps youth learn about what they need and want

- helps youth to be more empathic and open up to the experience


Sometimes we forget how to have fun and let love in due to our negative experiences. Spending time outdoors, with animals, being creative, building relationships and essentially having fun, youth have the chance to remember- even if just for a moment- what it’s like to feel good, and how to work toward feeling good every day, one day at a time.

Be a part of creating the VILLAGE. We need one another.....

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