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Group Empowerment

Whether it be youth building exercises, sharing your story, learning mindfulness techniques, feelings and communication education, role playing, or promoting problem solving - we want CLEAR Lighthouse to be your safe place to go to be REAL!  We hope to create a sense of belonging, sense of competence, feelings of hope, and support from people outside of your home.


Although these groups are facilitated and guided by one of our leaders, it is really the group as a whole who drives the interaction. During the group, you are encouraged to explore who you are, who you want to become, and safely challenge questions or issues that come up during this tumultuous period of your lives. This all happens with great excitement, bravery, or sometimes with trepidation. In any case, you are all stretching your comfort levels with the knowledge that you are supported by your peers!


Why are Groups effective with Youth?


Group work is an effective intervention modality for youth for many of the same reasons they are effective with adults, plus some additional reasons that are specific to their levels of cognitive, emotional, behavior, and social development. Some of these reasons include the following:

1. Groups enable youth to form bonds with peers in a structured environment that enables them to discuss feelings and ideas openly, with reduced risk of inappropriate negative interactions (e.g., teasing, ridicule) and discussion of individual differences that often hinder relationships among them in unstructured interactions.

2. Groups enable youth to understand that their concerns are not unique to them and that there is not "something wrong with them. "Group discussions may assist them in discussing and coming to appreciate that others share their problems, fears, worries, and the like.


3. Through the use of developmentally appropriate structured activities, youth are often able to articulate personal feelings and interpersonal feedback to their peers that they would have difficulty verbalizing to adults. Often, young persons accept more readily constructive feedback from peers than from adults.


4. Groups with youth enable facilitators to reach more young persons more quickly and, in mental health contexts, at lower cost to families relative to individual counseling. In schools, group work enables counselors to serve more children in an environment usually characterized by high student to counselor ratios and limited time to actually engage in counseling with students.

 We are here to learn about YOUR STORY and what we have in common! You are not alone!

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