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Established in April 2019 
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Stories are what bring people together. We crave acceptance and understanding - especially when it comes to our life experiences. If we don't connect - this quickly leads to loneliness and self-defeating thoughts/beliefs/behaviors including suicide.


Holistic Mental Wellness is about sharing - connecting - relating. This creates belongingness! This is central to our well-being. Your story matters and can even save a life!


We provide a variety pack of ways that youth, parents and adult leaders can share their personal stories around their emotional health, loss, struggles and triumphs! This will include video shorts, story portraits with short story write-up, sharing stories at local events, and our monthly Story Slam program that allows youth to have a safe space to creatively express their experiences of life through story by using art, song, poetry, dance, playing an instrument, talk, comedy, etc. 

You now have a platform to heal - connect - and be a part of the solution! USE IT!!!


Story Slams



Video Shorts



Speaking Events

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