© 2019 | Larimer County, CO| CLEAR Lighthouse, Inc.,
a US 501(c)(3) public charity, EIN 83-4378288
Established in April 2019 
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Where we are now:

The journey of building a nonprofit is never easy and many facets are involved. We have thankfully accomplished some powerful steps so far and we want to share it with you! 

 We have:


  •  an experienced and passionate Executive Director and Board of Directors (we need more)! 

  • a variety of volunteers helping with our programs!

  • designed pilot programs to begin our journey and add on as we are able!

  • Sponsors and Donors ready to provide scholarship funds to youth & families for membership fees for our programming.

  • a Youth Leadership Team that continues to grow!

  • consultants helping us build a strong foundation!

  • community collaborations who support our mission and collaborate with us in a variety of ways!


  •  DONATIONS to keep our Pilot Programs alive and add on more!!

  •  2-5 acres in Loveland or Berthoud, CO where we can grow our vision!


Where we are headed: 

Once we have funds for our location, we will begin collecting more data to show our results! Our youth, donors and sponsors will help us add on additional programs as we are able. 

Big Picture Results!

We will offer groundbreaking programs for the youth and families in our community! We will collaborate with other local holistic organizations and mental health agencies to expand the options available to those in need.


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