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Body Movement

Our bodies were meant to move!
Exercise is optional but movement is essential!
“In less than two generations, physical activity has dropped by 20% in the U.K. and 32% in the U.S. In China, the drop is 45% in less than one generation. Vehicles, machines and technology now do our moving for us. What we do in our leisure time doesn’t come close to making up for what we’ve lost” - designedtomove.org
"The body contributes far more to our lives than just physical attributes such as strength and endurance - it plays a major role in emotions, learning and relationships. The body is intimately involved in all our thought processes, understanding, emotions and decision making. The mind and body are inseparable, from our endocrine system to the "brain in our gut" - the body is your brain! 
Movement is something entirely different. Movement is ancient. Movement was here first. Hunting and gathering, dancing round the fire, walking, climbing, running, jumping, crawling, lifting, swimming, fighting...even sex! These are all movements the human body is designed for. A lot of public health research now points towards needing more movement in our lives, as opposed to exercise to remain healthy. For example, no amount of exercise will undo the pathology that is sitting and remaining sedentary. And conversely, you could go your whole life without ever doing exercise but instead move as part of your everyday life and remain healthy." - Ben Medder 
It's time to remember how to MOVE our bodies naturally rather than staying addicted to sitting around and letting technology dictate our lives. Without movement, our bodies become depressed and those symptoms will manifest differently for each person. Connecting to your body emotionally / physically / spiritually is vital for our health.
It's also FUN!

Yoga /

Trauma Responsive Yoga

Trauma-Informed Yoga provides tools for people to deal with emotional scars and to feel more comfortable in their bodies.


At CLEAR Lighthouse - we will provide basic yoga as well as trauma-responsive. Why? Because we feel it is very important for us to create a safe environment for those who have experienced trauma and are still stuck in the pain. Having a facilitator who understands your sensitivity will help to create a more authentic healing experience. Here is a bit about the benefits of each approach.


Several studies have shown that trauma-informed/sensitive yoga, whether as an adjunct or primary intervention, reduces perceived stress, and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Additionally, yoga has been associated with improvements in emotion regulation and in feelings of self-efficacy.

Trauma-informed yoga is different from other types of yoga in that the emphasis is on making students feel safe and giving them choices about how to execute their poses and even whether to attempt certain poses, says Jenn Turner, assistant director of the yoga program at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts.

An instructor teaching a trauma-informed class based on this model, for example, would make suggestions rather than issue commands about poses, wouldn't walk around the class or behind participants, would make sure students could see any exits, would cover windows so students wouldn't feel like someone was watching them and invading their privacy, and wouldn't touch a student to adjust a pose. Instructors do the poses with you, so they are joining the students for a shared, authentic experience. They are not watching or criticizing and you will not be told to do certain poses - you are invited.

Moving yet relaxing....

Let's find what works best for you.

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