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Youth Advisors

Advisory Leaders will have similar roles to the Youth Ambassadors, but will be working more "behind the scenes". They will bring in powerful qualities such as lived experience, creative ideas to engage our participants, and a desire to normalize the importance of discussing our mental health more openly. While we give these youth tools to help them cope, build empowerment skills and get educated around mental health and suicide prevention, these powerful youth will in turn help us raise awareness of our Mission. They will help us to develop our programs, help design our marketing materials, mention our name in social circles, on social media, and participate in activities that help their body/mind/spirit. We train our Advisors to talk about CLEAR Lighthouse in whatever way they are most comfortable, and empower them to help make a difference for our organization and the participants we serve.

The youth selected as Advisors will have demonstrated knowledge, personal experience, and/or leadership in the areas of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Advisors provide feedback to CLEAR Lighthouse and work on campaigns in an effort to increase our visibility and best serve the youth population struggling with emotional stressors, life issues, suicidal thoughts and/or previous attempts, build on their current leadership skills, and gain experience with a non-profit organization.

*Youth under 18 will need guardian permission and all youth will need to sign a consent to be photographed.

Advisor Roles

  • Providing input and recommendations on our programs, services, and messaging

  • Help design CLEAR Lighthouse marketing materials and advise on social media

  • Opportunity after training to speak publicly during outreach events, to members of the media, and other outlets as a youth representative IF they feel comfortable to do so

  • Advocating for and spreading awareness about CLEAR Lighthouse in our local community and Larimer County

In turn, CLEAR Lighthouse will provide education and training in leadership, mental health, suicide prevention, communication and conflict resolution skills, coping skills, storytelling, marketing and more.  


**Youth Advisors serve 1-year terms, attend our weekly meetings and attend at least four Board Meetings a year to discuss ideas, feedback, and updates.



Mental Health Advocate

Youth Advisor 


July 2019:

Hi. I am Maggie Langer. I am in 10th grade at Berthoud High School. I am involved in softball, track, and also on the Berthoud Youth Advisory Commission. I love dogs and being around friends and family.
I want to be a CLEAR Lighthouse Youth Advisor because I want to be a part of supporting youth in tough times and giving them a safe place. I also want to be involved in planning and making new and helpful programs for people. I am passionate about helping people and dedicated to making a difference in anything I pursue.
Being on the CLH Advisory Council is important to me because I believe youth bring a different and important perspective to the table, they improve program decisions, and it teaches youth important life skills.
When youth are struggling, it's okay to not be okay and no matter what you are going through, there are people who love you and want you around even if you don't see it at first. Reach out to someone you trust. When I face personal challenges, I use softball as an outlet in my life. I am very close with my sister and talk to her about everything going on in my life. I move forward by letting myself feel all of my feelings, coloring, reading, and talking.
I love the Mission of CLH because having peers you can relate to and connect with is important! Holistic and experiential programs are unique and bring something new to experience.



Youth Advisor 


July 2019:

My name is Thomas Dechant, I am 13 years old. I enjoy playing baseball, boxing, listening to music, and playing video games. I like working, I feel like it is an act of service that is a win-win. I am an introvert but I like people. 


I have struggled with depression since the 1st grade. I experienced bullying throughout my elementary school years. My parents separated in the 5th grade. I struggle to find motivation and happiness. I feel as if I am in neutral most days and have sudden outbursts of crying. I felt intense anger and frustration and my relationship with my parents distanced. Some of the ways that I overcome these emotions are loving on my dog, being a part of the youth advisory council, listening to music, watching funny videos, playing with my sister, and sports. 


I wanted to be a part of CLH youth advisor team because I want to help other youth who are experiencing similar struggles. This opportunity provides good experience, gives me something beneficial to do with my time, and I get to be a part of a team. CLH is providing alternatives to taking medications and offering youth community connections and life skills. I feel like this is important for our future.


Youth Leadership Team Assistant

Actor / Artist

Mental Health Advocate

Youth Advisor 


October 2019:

Hi, I’m Fynn! I’m 20 years old, and I’m a member of the LGBT+ Community (I use the pronouns they/them/theirs). I appreciate art of all varieties: drawing and coloring, painting, writing, music, theatre, photography, videography, needlework, etc. I tend to dabble in multiple art forms. I like being comfortable. I also love animals, and I have a dog named Lucinda, and a cat named Hinkley.  


Despite all those random facts you now know about me, something you may not have guessed is that I’m also a person living with mental illness. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, depression, schizoaffective disorder, and seasonal affective disorder for years. That being said, I’m learning how to cope with these things. Being aware of how I’m feeling is super important, and so is accepting all my feelings (even the unpleasant ones). I’ve also been known to isolate myself… but human connection is super important too! If I had a place like CLEAR Lighthouse when I first began struggling with mental illness, I could have avoided isolating myself and learned healthy coping mechanisms sooner. Having a safe place with resources, distractions, and events are something that’s super needed for our youth.


I’m super excited to be part of the CLEAR Lighthouse youth advisor team! As a kid, I always admired youth who were speaking up about things and changing the world while doing so. Being on the youth advisor team allows me to be like the youth I’ve admired for so many years. I’m excited to make connections with all types of people, and if I’ve helped even one person, I will feel like I’ve accomplished what I've been wanting to do for so long… help others. I feel like helping others is a calling of mine, and I’m excited to work with the team of youth and adults at CLEAR Lighthouse to help others and be one of the ripples that changes the world!

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