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Youth Ambassador Program

Including Youth Ambassadors into our organization will bring a new energy into our mission-based work while creating stronger connections between adults and youth and developing future leaders of our communities. Ambassadors will be "more in the spotlight" with our adult leaders to be a VOICE for CLEAR Lighthouse. They will bring in powerful qualities such as lived experience, creative ideas to engage our participants, and a desire to help normalize the importance of discussing our mental health more openly. While we give these youth tools to help them cope, build empowerment skills and get educated around mental health and suicide prevention, these incredible youth will in turn help us raise awareness of our Mission. They will help us develop our programs, help design our marketing materials, mention our name in social circles, on social media, talk one-on-one with business partners, or help with group presentations. Ambassadors will continuously participate in activities that help their mental health. We train our Ambassadors to talk about CLEAR Lighthouse in whatever way they are most comfortable, and empower them to help make a difference for our organization and the participants we serve.

The youth selected as Ambassadors will have demonstrated knowledge, personal experience, and/or leadership in the areas of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Ambassadors provide feedback to CLEAR Lighthouse and work on campaigns in an effort to increase our visibility and best serve the youth population struggling with emotional stressors, life issues, suicidal thoughts and/or previous attempts, build on their current leadership skills, and gain experience with a non-profit organization.

*Youth under 18 will need guardian permission and all youth will need to sign a consent to be photographed.


Ambassador Roles

  • Providing input and recommendations on our programs, services, and messaging

  • Help design CLEAR Lighthouse marketing materials and advise on social media

  • Opportunity after training to speak publicly during outreach events, speak to members of the media, sharing their stories on our website and social media, and other outlets 

  • Advocating for and spreading awareness about CLEAR Lighthouse in our local community and Larimer County

In turn, CLEAR Lighthouse will provide education and training in leadership, mental health, suicide prevention, communication and conflict resolution skills, coping skills, storytelling, marketing and more.  


**Youth Ambassadors serve 1-year terms, attend our weekly meetings and attend at least four Board Meetings a year to discuss ideas, feedback, and updates.







Author / Speaker

Trauma & Suicide Attempt Survivor

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Youth Ambassador since

April 2019:

Mabri Bliss
"I'm so excited and honored to be a part of CLEAR Lighthouse. When I was younger if I had a safe haven like this, I would have been saved from so many heartaches. This is why I feel so passionate about CLEAR Lighthouse. The heartache and turmoil that some face from mental illness is devastating.
I love that this organization is breaking barriers and reaching into the depths to provide healing and health. Suicide is devastating. I've personally been affected and know how much instability and unbearable pain it brings.
CLEAR Lighthouse is truly PASSIONATE about making an impact and that is what makes me so thrilled about being involved. True passion and love are what will break the cycle of hopelessness for these young people.
I think life is the most valuable gift we've been given. It can be so difficult to appreciate and realize this sometimes when life gets in the way. I believe we can all overcome and start to thrive in life!"  


Speaker / Athlete / Singer

Youth Ambassador since

July 2019:

Eva L. Abbott


My family and I live in Fort Collins and I am a native. Currently, I’m a Rocky Mountain High School student, class of 2023. I compete in gymnastics and also run track. Besides sports, I sing, play the piano and have been in musical theater productions since I was about 9-years-old. I love animals and music. In my spare time I like to relax with my friends and volunteer. Sports and extracurricular activities have helped me to meet a variety of young people around Northern Colorado.


Youth mental health is an important issue in Larimer County and I want to be a part of helping those in need of support and bringing awareness to the subject. I have had personal experiences with those who have mental health struggles, which is why I am honored to be a CLEAR Lighthouse Youth Ambassador. I am good at listening and talking through problems with people. It's important for kids to talk to other kids because they might have a better understanding of what each other is going through. 


I like the idea of CLEAR Lighthouse being youth-driven and having experiential programs because the youth can have a very different perspective than adults do and these programs make you feel less forced to do something you don't want to. You get to make the choice and experience it on your own.


Helping our community has made it easier for me to move forward. This experience will give me and others the chance to speak out rather than watching the problems happen and do nothing. I hope to help empower youth and families so they can enjoy happier lives.


Speaker / Music Writer / Producer

Youth Ambassador since

August 2019:

Nathan Mlcoch


I became an Ambassador for CLEAR Lighthouse because I want to play my role in making a change to the mental health treatment scene to make sure kids get the help they deserve. I believe the programs are a unique strategy and anything is better than what currently exists.

People need to see this generation of youth standing for something bigger than their social media image. We need to show our concern and involvement with all of these 'elephant in the room' scenarios we as people are constantly being faced with but not acknowledging.

Things will only get as good and as bad as you decide to make them. You first have to mentally make the change you need. If you have no enemies in your own mind then nothing on the outside can harm you. 


Speaker / Lyricist

Youth Ambassador since

September 2019:

Miles March-King

“Sometimes, it’s hard to say what I mean, even when the words are leaping off my tongue.”

That’s a saying I came up with while writing in my journal, during my days when I was depressed and lonely.  It was a brutal feeling, to know what I wanted, but not knowing how to acquire it.  I was lonely, confused, angry, sad, irritable, and indecisive.  It took time and wasn’t easy, but I escaped those feelings after a lot of thinking and discussion with a therapist and peers.  That’s the best solution, in my opinion, I’ve found regarding healing and resolving mental health issues, is simply to talk about it with people who understand or can relate

My goal and decision to join CLEAR Lighthouse is based around the fact that we’ll be making strides in teaching youth about mental health and helping them gain strength, confidence, and stability.  I’m very passionate about helping people who’ve gone through similar situations as I have, and even if they have a deeper, more severe experience, I want to do all I can to help them out. 

I’m 16, and ready to learn.  I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, so I’ve done all I can to fuel my education.  I love baseball, writing rap lyrics, writing books, listening to a ton of music, giving advice, and learning new things about myself.  My goal in life is to be happy, and since there’s no one formula for happiness, I’ll find joy however I can in the moment.  Life is an amazing thing and I believe everyone deserves to live it to the fullest. 




Mental Health Advocate

Youth Ambassador since

September 2019:

Cara Courtright

My passion has always been to help anyone and anything. I am a part of my cross country team, I am a part of Sources of Strength, I am a part of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, I am in National Honor Society, I am a Peer Support Counselor, and I am a part of the Berthoud Youth Advisory Commission. These are all clubs and organizations where my role is to help others out.

My passion is just one of the many reasons I joined CLEAR Lighthouse. This organization takes a new path to helping those with mental health issues. I have believed for a long time that the way mental health is dealt with in today’s time is not efficient or beneficial to all of those involved, so by taking a holistic approach to it is something that I am fascinated with. On top of that, I live in a small town where everyone knows one another. It makes it really hard for any student to find a place where they belong. This creates a feeling of loneliness which is something that CLEAR Lighthouse focuses on.

I have also seen people struggle with mental illness, people that I have known my whole life and it’s especially hard because a lot of the time, you feel helpless. You never know how to truly help that person especially when they don’t want your help or are embarrassed to have people know about it. CLEAR Lighthouse is giving me a way to alleviate this worry and it has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders.


I can’t imagine not being in this group because it not only connects to my passion of helping people, but it addresses mental health which is a huge epidemic, and it is helping me find ways to help those around me who I care about. 




Trauma & Suicide Attempt Survivor

Youth Ambassador since

October 2019:

Kyra Thomas

My name is Kyra Thomas and I am a Fort Collins native. I am currently 23 years old. My passions include dressing in Japanese fashion, gardening, art, and, of course, helping others who face similar struggles to me. I am a recovering addict, a suicide attempt survivor, and a
mental illness warrior.

My story began when I was very young with traumas impacting my youth. This led me to try to mask the pain through various unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drug abuse. I got so desperate for an end to life as I knew it that I attempted suicide multiple times. I am now committed to living and healing the pain in my soul. I am still working through my struggles, but I believe I have overcome so much and grown out of such a dark place in my life. It is time for me to give back and provide hope to those still struggling that it can and does get better if you pursue healing.

I am so thrilled to be a part of CLEAR Lighthouse because I believe it is the best place for me to share my story and help put an end to the epidemic of loneliness which our society faces.

I have experienced so many shortcomings in the medical field of mental health that I believe it is time to face this crisis from a holistic approach as well. I believe giving youth a voice in the solution to an epidemic that impacts them most is the best way to ensure their needs are met.
Together we can overcome this struggle!


Survivor & Mental Health Advocate

Youth Ambassador since

October 2019:

My name is Sunshine Benson. I am 23 years old. I was born and grew up in NOCO but I've lived and traveled all over the place. I am an addict in recovery and currently run a support group to help others with the same problems. I am a follower of Christ. This is my lifeline and the most important thing to me. Of all things that I am, my favorite thing I am is an aunt. My nieces and my nephews are precious gems to me and I would do anything for them. I love music, nature, and my family.


My story is filled with many wonderful experiences that I express gratitude for every day. However, it is also filled with a lot of heartache and trauma that I had to experience as a youth and young adult. Looking back now I am grateful to have that lived experience. I am grateful for it because without it I would probably be unaware of how much strength and resilience I actually have. When you experience turmoil like that, when you feel that type of pain, it sparks this fire in your belly that burns with a vengeance. I have found this can be your greatest fuel for your resentment, or the greatest fuel for your passion. With these experiences that affected my life so deeply and changed me forever I have become very passionate about people and the greater good. It is my goal in life to take part in bringing as much connection, compassion, and light within the community as I possibly can. I enjoy serving others and I truly value sharing time and experience with others. I don't think there's a way to truly articulate how important it is that we connect to one another and unify in the name of a new hope and the greater good. I have a burning desire to be a part of paving the way for others who have gone through similar things. 


That's why CLEAR Lighthouse is so important to me, I feel truly honored to be a part of it. CLEAR strives to really reach out and get to the bottom of mental illness and these devastating things we are experiencing as a society more and more frequently. When you're going through things like this it's hard to know what to do, especially if you're young and don't have very good guidance or counsel. CLEAR provides youth with useful education on mental health. It gives a variety of ways to cope with trauma and heal such as helpful tools and exercises as well as a huge variety of experiential activities that promote growth, health, and connection. It keeps youth from having idle hands in a troubled world and creates the opportunity to spark a passion, which can save a life. 


I think the biggest epidemic we face as a society right now is loneliness. I think it's this sense of loneliness that's fueling such horrible things like suicide, addiction, and other problematic behaviors that are traumatic and devastating for all of those involved. CLEAR places very high importance on bridging the gap between people and creating a connection. It gives people the opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe place where they won't be judged or looked down upon. It allows you to hear others' stories and share your own, to be able to learn and grow with others and be around people who can relate to you.


I love that CLEAR approaches mental health in a holistic way because so many have fallen through the cracks with the traditional clinical approach to mental health. It is not for everyone. CLEAR includes all aspects of health: mind/body/spirit, I believe that these are all connected and good health in one promotes good health in another. I think the way CLEAR approaches to mental health is truly revolutionary and has the potential to change the world.



Artist / Photographer

Mental Health Advocate

Youth Ambassador since

November 2019:

Alessia Baptista

“I’ve lived in Colorado for almost my entire life. I’m an artist, photographer, aspiring tattoo artist, and I’m super excited to be a part of CLEAR Lighthouse!


I love taking care of my friends, animals, and most importantly I’m working on taking care of myself.


CLEAR Lighthouse is so important to me and this community as a whole because we need to not only talk about these issues but DO something about it


The approach CLEAR Lighthouse takes is different and exactly what we need to make a difference. It creates a calm, safe, non-scary environment for people to express themselves and tell their stories without judgment.”


Athlete, Singer, Creative

& Mental Health Advocate

Youth Ambassador since

November 2019:

Ella Clear



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